Wartime Productions are familiar with both live-action and green screen productions, for the large and small screen. We have extensive experience and have worked for clients such as The History Channel, National Geographic and a number of major film production companies. By using us for your production you will get a German soldier who comes fully equipped and uninformed, with weapons included, and technically accurate.


Our vehicles also come complete with all relevant accessories associated with each vehicle including correct crew uniform.


We always have a very busy schedule and are booked well in advance, so, in order to avoid disappointment, please contact us well ahead of your project start date, as it is likely that we are working on a number of productions at any one time.

Wartime productions featured film & TV productions

With experience within the film and TV industry dating back several years below is a selection of productions involving our talented and trusted associates.

As we are always involved with several projects at any one time but due to Non-Disclosure Agreements in place only released material is displayed below.