About Us

Wartime Productions

What can we offer?

Wartime Productions is run by David Forde and co-founder Christopher Wilson since 2016. Between us both we have worked on many productions over the years and provide a bespoke wartime period service.

Supporting Artistes

Our primary service is supplying supporting artistes for your period wartime production. We own all our own costumes and also all associated small props to really bring each character alive. Our supporting roles over the years in film and television speak for themselves but we offer so much more. 


We can also provide period set dressing items from our constantly expanding inventory. From small items such as period newspapers up to larger props such as sentry boxes.

Period Vehicles

Our ever-expanding UK-wide inventory has grown to include both military and now civilian period vehicles from push bikes to trucks.

Production Coordination

Both David and Christoper are well accustomed to working in front of the camera but just as comfortable in production as associate producers and assistant directors/production coordinators roles.

Work with Wartime Productions

From award-winning short films and TV documentaries to major cinema releases here at Wartime Productions we strive for authenticity and will work with you to achieve the highest standards for your production.