Film/TV Casting

World War 2  Character Portrayal

Here at Wartime Productions, we can provide specialist castings for your production along with correct uniforms and associated props.

We have over the years supplied walk-ons for numerous TV  WW2 documentaries/dramas & films.  We have also worked with independent filmmakers, computer game manufacturers, TV advertisements, Music videos to Theatre productions.

Using our own internal costume department, we can cover both Allied & Axis impressions along with civilians including police and civil defense.

Over the years we have portrayed many WW2 impressions for various film & TV productions. Below is just a selection of the character impressions we can portray. We can also specialise in specific WW2 characters to meet your needs such as the German field marshal Model to RAF Trafford Leigh-Mallory.

All uniforms are owned by ourselves and so come as a package along with our supporting artist role.

Character Actors

All our character actors are experienced in both film and tv portrayals and come complete with each character's costumes and small props. From TV documentaries & films to live events, our characters bring history to life!

For more details on specific character portrayal please don't hesitate to contact us here at Wartime Productions and we will do our best to help.

Supporting Artistes

Wartime Productions can supply you with your production supporting artistes along with their own costumes and small related props. All our costumes are owned by each SA and we cover a wide range of impressions. If you can't see exactly what you require below (this is only a small part of our collection!) please don't hesitate to get in touch.