Here at Wartime Productions, we can provide specialist castings for your production along with correct uniforms and associated props.

We have over the years supplied walk-ons for numerous TV  WW2 documentaries/drama & film.  We have also worked with independent filmmakers, computer game manufacturers, TV advertisements, Music videos to Theatre productions.

Using our own internal costume department, we can cover both Allied & Axis impressions along with civilians including police and civil defense.

World War 2 impressions & characters

Over the years we have portrayed many WW2 impressions for various film & TV productions. Below is just a selection of the character impressions we can portray. We can also specialise in specific WW2 characters to meet your needs such as German field marshal Model to RAF Trafford Leigh-Mallory.

All uniforms are owned by ourselves and so come as a package along with our supporting artist role.