WW2 & Period Production Services

Wartime Productions can offer a range of services for your film or TV production through our exclusive connection with trusted associates via the Wartime Productions UK network.

We are familiar with both live-action and green screen productions, for both the large and small screens.

We have extensive experience and have worked for clients such as The History Channel, and National Geographic along with other film production companies.

We can help your production and take the hard work out of sourcing uniforms, vehicles, and other items of kit and props via our extensive network in the UK. If Wartime Productions doesn't have it chances are we know someone who has!

Supporting Artistes & Walk-on's

We can Wartime provide supporting artists and they come with their own uniform and kit!  We aim to provide the correct impression for your production. Take a look at some of our WW2 characters here

WW2 & Period Vehicles 

Wartime Productions both owns and has access to a number of WW2 vehicles available for your production. To view our current inventory please click here.

Wartime Props

We can supply a range of WW2-related props for your production.

Our inventory covers both large and small items so please contact us to discuss your prop needs.


Wartime Productions work with one of the Uk's most experienced film and live events pyrotechnic companies.

From bullet strikes to large explosions from one of our most trusted associates.

For details please contact us here.

Wartime Weapons

We hold legally held blank firing/deactivated and RIF weapons. We also have within our network an authorised section 5 armorer available on request.

For details please contact us here.

Live Events

Wartime Productions can help with your live event. Working with organisations such as English Heritage we provide all-around WW2 event coordination.

For details please contact us here.