Live Events


Our public events are usually spread out over the summer months between May-Sept.

We have worked with a variety of clients such as the RAF, Local Councils and have a long-established relationship with English Heritage in supplying both vehicles and performers dating back to 2011. 

At all our public events we strive to provide an educational and informative display with various dioramas such as cooking to administrative and communications within the battlefield along with our vehicles and weapons displays.

We also conduct a number of demonstrations throughout the event to keep the public entertained including battle reenactments to weapons displays.

Wartime Production Network are all members of the All Fronts Re-enactment Association (AFRA), which provides benefits such as valid TPPLI and other relevant insurances along with current up-to-date information and support from the UK home office.

Wartime Productions provides an authentic German Infantry impression including vehicles and props. With our collection of WWII historians and period vehicle enthusiasts we provide a detailed look at the German Infantry soldier of WW2.

Alongside our German contingent, we have a number of Allied reenactors who along with a variety of props and equipment can bring your WW2 event to life!

Specialising in all things British from high ranking Army, RAF & Royal Navy  personel to period policemen and ARP wardens. We also can provide iconic figures such as Winston Churchill and Field Marshall Montgomery.

Our 2024 Live Events