WW2 Pops, Vehicles & Supporting Artists For Film, TV & Live Events

Wartime Productions is a one-stop-shop for WW2 film/tv/theatre and live event production. We can supply supporting artistes, period vehicles, equipment, and props from the period.

We are also available for photography events both commercial and amateur. To book please contact us via our contact page. 

Our network is UK-wide and includes both amateurs and professionals from the industry. We are experienced in all aspects of WW2 film production from historical research to managing film location requirements and much more.

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Wartime Productions WW2 uk (8)
Wartime Productions WW2 uk (1)
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WW2 period extras supporting artists vehiles props (14)
WW2 period extras supporting artists vehiles props (6)

WW2 Film

Wartime Productions are familiar with both live-action and green screen productions, for the large and small screen. We have extensive experience and have worked with several major film production companies over the years.

From sentry boxes to vehicles and fully equipped supporting artists Wartime Productions can help supply and source essential production items.

Please contact us to discuss your production and how we can assist with your needs.

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Wartime Productions WW2 uk (5)
Wartime Productions WW2 uk (3)
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WW2 Drama Documentary

Wartime Productions services have been used on numerous WW2 docu-drama reconstructions over the years.

Not only supplying larger props such as vehicles but also supplying supporting artists in period-correct costumes.

We can also supply smaller period props such as radio sets and personal hand-held items.

Please contact us to discuss your documentary and how we can assist with your needs.

WW2  Live Events

Wartime Productions has a long-established relationship with English Heritage in supplying both vehicles and performers dating back to 2011.

At all our public events we strive to provide an educational and informative display with various dioramas such as cooking to administrative and communications within the battlefield along with our vehicles and weapons displays.

Please contact us to discuss your production and how we can assist with your needs.

Our Services

Supporting & walk-on Artistes

Wartime Productions prides itself in being totally 100% self-sufficient when it comes to supplying uniformed supporting artists in period costumes.

Period Vehicles

Wartime Productions can offer a selection of both original and replica WW2 vehicles for hire and equipment.

Props & Equipment

Our bespoke approach of mixing and matching from our inventory and trusted associates helps us make the best use of your budget

Our Latest Associations

Masters of the Air (2024)

A whole new epic series from the makers of Band of Brothers is coming to Apple TV+.

Masters of the Air is an epic new drama set during World War II and focuses on the brotherhood forged between US airmen who risk their lives with the 100th Bomb Group.

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ONE LIFE (2023)

Sir Anthony Hopkins stars as Sir Nicholas Winton, a British stockbroker who helped rescue hundreds of children from Europe on the verge of the Second World War, an act of compassion that was almost forgotten for 50 years.

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The Boys in theBoat (2023) 

A 1930s-set story centered on the University of Washington's rowing team, from their Depression-era beginnings to winning gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics

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The Lost Women Spies of WW2 (2023)

In April 1942, Winston Churchill and his cabinet took the controversial decision to send female agents to the front line in France. This proved an immense challenge for Vera Atkins of the Secret Operations Executive (SOE), who had to find women who would pass as French, train them as spies, and parachute them into occupied France. Many of them never came back. This film tells the story of Vera’s efforts to locate the lost female spies after the war, and what became of them.

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