The Flak 38 (Flugzeugabwehrkanone 38)  was a 20 mm anti-aircraft gun used by various German forces throughout World War II.

It was not only the primary German light anti-aircraft gun, but by far the most numerously produced German artillery piece throughout the war.

The 20 mm Flak 38, as the Mauser, design was known, entered service in late 1940 .

It was also used by the Luftwaffe and the German navy.

Additional Information

Our 20mm Flak 38 Anti Aircraft gun is a full-size original (produced 1938) deactivated weapon. It can be towed into action on its own detachable trailer and mounted on any surface using its adjustable platform legs. The flak gun has also the ability to fire simulated rounds via a professionally built gas-operated firing system which is easily attached to the existing firing mechanism.