Panzerspähwagen (Fu) Sd.Kfz.223

Panzerspähwagen (Fu) Sd.Kfz.223

This radio version was based on the 222, but for stability and practical reasons, their large turret was removed and replaced by surplus lighter 221 turrets, which were also shifted backward.

Their trademark was a large, fixed four feet bed-frame aerial antenna, and they combined-long and medium-range sets of radios. The 223 was produced to an extent of 550 machines by Weserhütte, MNH, Büssing-NAG and Horch from 1935 to January 1944, in two series, differing by their engine, the 8-cylinder Horch 3.5 l or 3.8 l Despite having the same problems -limited all-terrain performance and range- they served on every front until 1945 with Aufsklärung squadrons. A normal provision was one 223 for three 222s.

Few Leichter Panzerspähwagens 221/222/223 have survived to this day, but 5-6 remain in private collections, some in running condition, and at least one Czech modern-day replica, based on a shortened truck chassis which received a steel frame and welded metal plates, pretty much like the original.

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