Wartime Productions takes pride in listening to its clients’ production requirements and will take great care in putting together a more tailor-made package


Our bespoke approach of mixing-and-matching from our inventory and trusted associates helps us make the best use of your budget.


Current and previous clients have made good use of this service by selecting specific items and supporting artists and props themselves. It’s entirely up to you. We are happy to discuss your production and work with you to develop the most effective package.


We have a number of packages which can compliment your production and save you time and resources in putting together related props and uniformed extras. All our packages come complete with haulage and logistics cost included.


You are welcome to inquire about a specific package and we will try our best to put together a bespoke package with our inventory of props and uniformed supporting artists.


Below are several of our most popular packages which have been used in film and TV productions over the years.


Providing German WW2 Infantry, vehicles, weapons, equipment and props for live events, Film, TV and photography.

Note-Wartime Productions and The 21st Infantry Division Eastern Front Living Historical society portrays members of the Wehrmacht & Soviet Red Army from WW2, and does so in the interest of historical reality and inclusion, rather than for any political motivation or cause. We are Historians first and foremost, and focused only on providing as realistic an approach to studying the conflict as possible.We respectfully request any neo-Nazi/extremist groups to please look elsewhere for an audience, as we are NOT interested.

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