Here at Wartime Productions, we can provide specialist castings for your production along with correct uniforms and associated props.

We have over the years supplied walk-ons for numerous TV  WW2 documentaries/drama & film.  We have also worked with independent filmmakers, computer game manufacturers, TV advertisements, Music videos to Theatre productions.

Using our own internal costume department, we can cover both Allied & Axis impressions along with civilians including police and civil defense.

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David Forde

David has been active within the UK WW2 historical scene since 2008.  Whilst coordinating one of the UK's most well established German WW2 historical society '21'Infanterie' and also the owner of Wartime Productions set up in 2017.

As well as a vast collection of both Allied & Axis uniforms and is also the owner of a WW2 German Kubelwagen, one of the most iconic WW2 Vehicles as well as a number of WW2 props and other vehicles.

David has worked on several series of National Geographic channels 'Nazi Megastructures', along with other ww2 Documentary series and major WW2 film. David has also worked with Theatre productions such as 'Alone in Berlin' and Two Hats Films 'Calling The Tune'.

Principal roles have been German Officers. Over the years Wartime Productions has also worked on independent films, music videos and throughout the summer months with English Heritage in providing WW2 live events.

Recent Productions

The Battle of the Atlantic (2021)

Royal Navy Officer

Wartime Productions takes to the high seas on our latest WW2 Documentary coming soon.

The Battle of the Atlantic, the struggle between the Allied and German forces for control of the Atlantic Ocean.

Secrets of WW2 'Dunkirk' (2021)

British  Officer

The Dunkirk evacuation, code-named Operation Dynamo, the evacuation of Allied soldiers during World War II from the beaches of Dunkirk,  France,  26 May and 4 June 1940.

Nazi Megastructures  'America's War' (2020)

Field marshal Model

Hitler's Final Offensive

Hitler's final attempt to win the war was a surprise winter attack. What resulted were some of the worst war crimes ever committed against America.

Chris Wilson

Professional Agency and Self Represented, Day Player, Walk On Artist, Stand In, Picture / Body Double (for a number of "A" list Actors).

I have amassed considerable experience on both sides of the camera. I have also worked on numerous Live Shows Worldwide, and have appeared at venues such as the O2 Arena, with artists such as Maria Carey and Lee Evans.

I also work as an Assistant Director, normally crowd third.

I also have Access to a Considerable number of Genuine Costumes / Uniforms, Including Period or Historical pieces, please see photos. Please let me know of Your Individual Specific requirements, I promise I will do my best to help, and I look forward to working with you

Recent Productions

Hunt the Bismarck(2021)

Admiral Erich Raeder

Launched on 14 February 1939, the German flagship and pride of the Kriegsmarine, Bismarck was launched.

Kreigsmarine Admiral Erich Raeder for the Sinking of the Bismark TV series,

Combat ships(2020)

Charles Lightoller


From the Titanic to Dunkirk: the unbelievable life of Charles Lightoller.

 Nazi Megastructures Series 6(2020)

General Wilhelm Burgdorf

Hitler's Mediterranean Fortress

Allied spies plant false papers on a corpse in one of the war's boldest ruses. The result? A Sicily attack that took the Nazis by total surprise. 

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