Production services


Wartime Productions can offer a range of services for your film or TV production through our exclusive connection with trusted associates via Wartime Productions UK network.


We are familiar with both live action and green screen productions, for both the large and small screen. We have extensive experience and have worked for clients such as The History Channel, National Geographic along with other film production companies.


We can help your production and take the hassle out of sourcing uniform, vehicles and other items of kit and props via our extensive network in the UK. If Wartime Productions doesnt have it chances are we know someone who has!

Uniformed Supporting Artists


Not only can Wartime Productions provide supporting artists but they come with their own uniform and kit also. This has made us an inviting option for film & Tv productions due to the cost saving and cutting out hours of time-consuming research.

Additional Wartime Props


In support to our vehicles we can provide you with a number of trailed equipment items. These

can be pulled by our Citroen U23 truck or used in a stand-alone role.


We also have an extensive props equipment list, with items ranging from a sentry box to anti-tank guns.

Various Military Uniforms


We have a huge inventory when it comes to uniforms.

We can supply a number of different German WW2 impressions, from Infantrymen,Officers, Generals, Panzer Crew, Radio operators, Cook, SS Soldiers, chaplins and even Uboat commanders and crew.

3rd AD & Production Coordinator


We can also provide your production with professional advice behind the camera.


We have our own in house Production Coordinator and a member of the Assistant Director Association, who will 'if required'work alongside your own team.

Wartime Vehicles


In addition, we are able to supply a number of Vehicles.


All vehicles are available for film and TV work and can be supplied with a driver and crew.

Historical Research Advisor


Historical accuracy can be provided and extensive historical research, surrounding your production. We ensure all uniform items are correct for the period and worn in the correct manor. We also provide vehicles which are period correct.


Wartime Weapons


Alongside our inventory of legally held blank firing/deactivated and RIF weapons We also have within our network an authorised section 5 armourer available on request.


Pyrotechnic Services


Wartime Productions can put you in touch with one of the Uk's most experienced film and live events pyrotechnic company.

From bullet strikes to large explosions this area is covered by one of our most trusted associates.

Uniform Hire


We can supply a selection of wartime uniforms for your film or TV production and can dress your actors/extras in full uniform from head to toe.

Location Services


Wartime Productions has access to a number of euniqe locations which can be used for filming both indoors and out.

Locations range from the Home Counties to midlands area.


Providing German WW2 Infantry, vehicles, weapons, equipment and props for live events, Film, TV and photography.

Note-Wartime Productions and The 21st Infantry Division Eastern Front Living Historical society portrays members of the Wehrmacht & Soviet Red Army from WW2, and does so in the interest of historical reality and inclusion, rather than for any political motivation or cause. We are Historians first and foremost, and focused only on providing as realistic an approach to studying the conflict as possible.We respectfully request any neo-Nazi/extremist groups to please look elsewhere for an audience, as we are NOT interested.

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